The primary purpose for Cyber Mayor is to expose and make the general population aware of what we believe to be the most serious issue facing our country today. No, its not saving social security, the war with al-qaeda and terrorism or securing our borders. Certainly all three require immediate attention, however, the real hidden evil, one so insidious that we are literally being plunged into abject poverty and we are, both as a nation and individual citizens, ignorant of the fact that it is happening. What could it possibly be? Three little words – The Federal Reserve. Since 1913, thanks to our banker friends, that dollar in your pocket is now worth less than a nickel. The debauching of our monetary system and other “tricks” of the banking trade is an interesting and fun study. Cyber Mayor is your one stop shop to keep you current on all the news - national, state, local, and especially city hall.

Cyber Mayor