Strike One has already been reported on this page - The Arizona Attorney General declining to pursue any of the ginned-up claptrap by the One City Plaza Clowns.

Their next stinging rebuke was by a Superior Court Judge in the hearing wherein the city squandered tens of thousands to block former mayor Al Krieger from having his day in court.

As can be seen from the judge's ruling (here) the Court agreed 100% with Krieger's position. On page one and page two the Court agreed that the city's own Resolution (2279) was binding and therefore was obliged to pay his attorney's fees.

On page four the Court found that Krieger was entitled to due process before the city council could issue a censure. Much to the mortifying chagrin of the Clowns their censure has been rendered meaningless (but alas, they are too ignorant to grasp the reality of that Court found truth).

Page five had the Clowns being hauled over the coals and packing up their circus tent. The Court finding stated that the city council failed to comply with Krieger's constitutional rights and moreover, that the council was acting as a tribunal exceeding its jurisdiction.

So, the city had no choice but to reimburse former mayor Krieger for all of his legal expenses (here) incurred defending himself against the raw, naked, trumped-up allegations of the Clowns. The total tab to the good folks of Yuma for what amounted to nothing more than assuaging the puffed-up egos of the Clowns (and the unqualified administrator Gregory K. Wilkinson) - in excess of $200k.

Game - Set - Match

One final note - the Yuma Sun being a loyal and trustworthy sycophant to the city, even as the final curtain was about to drop on this whole sordid affair could not bring themselves to put aside their unprofessional prejudice and honestly report on the court hearing posted above. Instead, for the fourth time they misused nine out of context words from the Attorney General's letter - "because there is not a reasonable likelihood of conviction." Rather than simply reporting the unbiased news they have made themselves to be as much of a loser as the Clowns.





The conclusion of the city council’s specious investigation of Mayor Al Krieger is that prosecution is “declined,” so says the Office of the Arizona Attorney General. As a result, there should be immediate implementation of the following:

Paul Johnson, a nemesis of all mayors (because he knows he would never qualify to be one) and a leading protagonist in this spiteful attack on the mayor in particular and stain on our community in general, should resign from the upcoming city council election.

The council should immediately rescind its resolution of censure of the mayor and issue a public apology to him, his family and the Yuma community.

The council should immediately approve the payment of the legal expenses incurred by the mayor in defending himself against what has proven to be nothing more than a tawdry, petty personal attack.

The city administrator, who willfully participated in that attack, thereby demonstrating the utter absence of any semblance of professionalism and his complete lack of any qualifications for the position, should resign immediately.

The incoming council, in order to help prevent such disruptive actions within our community in the future, should immediately prepare an amendment to the City Charter placing the office of the city attorney under the mayor and council.

In the event the city administrator fails to resign, the incoming mayor and council should take immediate steps to remove him and fill the position with a professionally trained and fully qualified city manager.

And finally, former mayor Marilyn Young the impetus of this whole sordid affair, should appear before the mayor and council (as she did at that infamous meeting of January 4, 2012) and apologize to the mayor, his family and the entire Yuma community.

This is what the good folks of Yuma got for $75K?

The Clowns on the council (including the clown administrator) assured the good folks that, what we now know to have been a sham investigation, would be fair, impartial and professional – and most certainly not political. Yet, the city’s “cracker-jack” Sherlock Holmes, David Pennartz, states unequivocally that, “every compliant he has ever investigated has a political motive.”

Translation: He is known to be a (highly) paid hatchet-man.

Let’s take a look at what the Arizona Republic has to say about one of his other “fair and impartial investigations.” (here)



“I will work cooperatively with other councilmembers”

So says Paul Johnson, incumbent council candidate for the city of Yuma (Yuma Sun, August 12, 2013).

Really, Paul? Let’s take a look:

You said that you had “personal knowledge” of Mayor Krieger’s conflict of interest (Yuma Sun, January 18, 2012).

In the Yuma Sun, June 1, 2012 you voiced the following gem: “I welcome the opportunity for the voters to choose between a corrupt mayor and city council members who work to protect taxpayers and prevent cover up.” I especially enjoyed this one, inasmuch as you have refused on multiple occasions to discuss one of the prime cover ups in Yuma’s history – The Riverfront Hotel fiasco.

However, you outdid yourself with your letter to the editor in the Yuma Sun August 9, 2012. Indeed, that “cooperative” spirit was fully manifested when you spoke of your fellow councilmember’s “illicit actions as mayor.”

You then charged that the mayor had violated the state open meeting law and I must admit that came as somewhat of a surprise. Particularly in light of “your” open meeting law violations that are well documented on the What’s New At City Hall page of this website.

The ending of every well written letter should have a catchy punch-line and again, you outdid yourself with the following, “Apparently the only thing that will stop him (the mayor) from harming the community is an indictment for his unlawful behavior.”

So, to sum it up (catchy punch-line here) making your wholly subjective charges of personal knowledge of conflict of interest + a corrupt mayor + illicit actions as mayor + unlawful behavior = working cooperatively with other councilmembers.

Sorry Paul, that equation equals someone with serious delusional issues.

Recall: The council meeting of February 6, 2013 after which you approached me jabbing “your finger” in “my face” and then in your fully delusional state you reverse the roles and in a police report lie-through-your-teeth by saying I was angry and hostile towards you. JOHNSON THE DELUSIONAL (here)

The good folks of Yuma can ill afford more of your divisive antics – it’s time for



Cyber Mayor